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Friday, December 19, 2014
Preaching Christ Plainly

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What do we need the most in America today? 
                       Christian political
        A rising
stock market?
                       Freedom conquering terrorism?

All Good.  Not what we need the most...

      Marriage Seminars? 
Addiction Recovery Workshops? 
End-times Studies? Increased Social Ministries?

All Good. Not what we need the most...
                   is what we need the MOST!

This cultured paganism at our doors, those idol-temples, those fear-gripped, sin-mesmerized millions can only be moved to God as the Church is moved of God for their lost condition. * (p. 86)

Years ago a minister put this sign outside of his church, "This church will have either a revival or a funeral!" With such despair, God is well-pleased, though hell is despondent. * (p. 47)
Consider This:
The evangelistic harvest fields in this world are overseas. Vast numbers are coming to Christ, overseas.
Feel-good, self-improvement messages are the last thing needed, but the first thing offered by the American church. (Where is SELF improvement in Scripture?)
God does not want partnership with us but ownership of us. * (p. 40)

When was the last time the churches were full and the bars and strip clubs were empty?
When was the last time teenagers and children saw adults prioritizing worship over sports and sales?
The American church (across denominational lines) is failing to reach the population.
The church's voice has been rendered irrelevent throughout this culture.
How often do our church people shed tears at the altar?
Young people are not turning to the church, they're turning away from the church.
America's church is the church of the video program, seminar and stadium event, and the 20-minute sermon.
How will we answer the moral slump? What will turn the hearts of the people?
Only a real revival answers our need to return to Jesus and impact our culture dramatically.
Prayer is no substitute for work; equally true is it that work is no substitute for prayer. Surely revival delays because prayer decays. * (p. 83)
                is what we need the MOST!
With every possible guile that he knows, the Devil would snatch us from the closet of prayer. * (p. 86)
Prayer creates the climate for Revival. 
Who is striving with God in prayer for revival?
Are we praying Big Enough? Or are we only asking for a "good meeting?"
Revival prayer is extraordinary prayer. Overnight? Fasting? Vigils?
Pastors who fast and pray see results.
Mourning and repentance from God's people have accompanied every major revival. These attitudes are sown in deep prayer.
Prayer is spiritual warfare. The Devil will do all he can to keep the church from praying.
The pastor who is not praying is playing. The people who are not praying are straying. Failing here, we fail everywhere. * (p. 23)
**All quotes from Leonard Ravenhill's Why Revival Tarries. Highly recommended reading, if you can find a copy.